EEO Statement

In compliance with Federal laws and Regulations, you are guaranteed Equal rights and Opportunities, as an employee of Contemporary Staffing, Inc.

We Provide:

  • Wages in accordance with the Fair Labor Standard Act.
  • Safe and Healthy working conditions.
  • Equal Opportunity for advancement.
  • No discrimination regarding race, color, religion or natural origin.

UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES WILL SEXUAL DISCRIMINATION OR HARRASSMENT BE TOLERATED. Harassment and intimidation can arise from a broad range of unwelcome physical or verbal behavior which can include, but is not limited to the following:

  • Any behavior of a sexual nature whether physical, verbal or non-verbal.
  • Comments, conduct, behavior, or displays of a sexual nature that is embarrassing, insulting, degrading, intimidating, or leads to someone’s discomfort.
  • Physical contact that is unwelcome, such as: touching, grabbing, patting, pinching, rubbing, blocking access, etc.
  • Pressure for or repeated requests for dates.
  • Propositions.
  • Sexual jokes.
  • Obscene language that is sexual or sexist in nature.
  • Sexual remarks.
  • Remarks about a person’s body.
  • Staring, leering, ogling, etc.
  • Any display of pictures, cartoons, drawings, etc. of a sexual nature.
  • Written jokes, verses or comments of a sexual nature.
  • Sexual gestures.

All employees must be allowed to work in an environment free from unsolicited and unwelcome sexual overtures. Sexual harassment does not refer to occasional compliments or other generally acceptable social behavior. It refers to behavior, which is not welcome, personally offensive, undermines or weakens morale and, therefore, unreasonably interferes with the work effectiveness of its victim and their co-workers. The object of this zero tolerance policy is to create a working environment that is free from hostile, offensive, intimidating or harassing conduct that unreasonably interferes with an employee’s work on account of any of the types of harassment described above. The target of this policy is the prevention of unwelcome conduct.

In some situations, a person may not realize that his or her behavior is inappropriate, offensive or unwelcome. Unless circumstances dictate otherwise, employees who consider any person’s behavior to be inconsistent with these guidelines are encouraged to tell that person that his or her behavior is considered inappropriate and request that the conduct stop. Persons receiving such a request should comply immediately and graciously with such requests. If the direct approach does not work, then the employee with concerns is expected to report his or her concerns to their supervisor.

All forms of unlawful harassment are prohibited. If any employee becomes aware of any harassment, this information should be communicated, without fear of retaliation, to any supervisor. If, for any reason, an employee would prefer not to discuss the issue of harassment with any of these individuals, the employee is encouraged to report the conduct to any officer of Contemporary Staffing, Inc… The Company strongly encourages such employees to come forward promptly. Timely reporting is vital to Contemporary Staffing, Inc.’s ability to investigate complaints. Prompt reporting also discourages the spread of harmful rumors. Will continue its practice of taking prompt and necessary steps to investigate and, where appropriate, correct any form of harassment.

Violations of this policy will not be permitted and will result in disciplinary action, up to and including discharge.

Complaint Procedure

Any employee who is the subject of, who has knowledge of, or who witnesses any conduct or interactions that may consist of prohibited harassment or discrimination is encouraged and expected to immediately bring such information to the attention of any one or more of the following persons: a supervisor or any officer of the Company. Employees will need to submit a written complaint to be given to their supervisor. The complainant is expected to provide all information that the supervisor requests, including a detailed account of the incident(s) complained of, witnesses if any, dates, and other information considered relevant by the Company. All employees, whether complainant, witness, or accused, are required to be truthful, accurate, and cooperative during Company investigations.

Employees should feel free to report such concerns without fear of reprisal, and to do so early before a situation escalates into a serious problem for all concerned. Contemporary Staffing, Inc. will continue its practice of taking prompt steps to investigate concerns regarding prohibited harassment and discrimination and, where appropriate, take prompt corrective action. Anyone who is found to have engaged in prohibited harassment will be subject to appropriate sanctions, which may include termination of employment depending on the circumstances. No one should be presumed to be in violation because an investigation is being conducted. False and malicious complaints of harassment, discrimination, or retaliation as opposed to complaints, which even if erroneous, are made in good faith, may be the subject of appropriate disciplinary action. Your supervisor will handle reports of such alleged misconduct with sensitivity to concerns for confidentiality, reputation, and privacy, as is practicable. Employees shall not take any kind of retaliatory action against an employee who has made a good faith complaint about harassment or discrimination prohibited by this policy. Violations of the anti-retaliatory provision will lead to immediate termination of employment. This policy may be revised from time to time.



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