• Excellent administrative skills
  • 3-5  Years
  • Demonstrated ability to gather and analyze statistical data and generate reports.
  • Database management skills
  • Effective communications, oral and written.
  • Microsoft Office, Word, Excel,  and Outlook


  • Ability to prepare a variety of documents such as letters and memos.
  • Proofreads/edits documents for correct grammar, spelling, capitalization, punctuation, and format.
  • Compose and distribute inter-departmental memorandums ensuring timely delivery and receipt of important information while at the time maintaining confidentiality.
  • Provide office support, such as filing, coping and answering the phones, also ensure phone calls are forwarded promptly to the appropriate staff member.
  • Ability to fill in information within a spreadsheet.
  • Travel arrangements.
  • Time and attendance
  • Ability to review file folders and purge outdated information.
  • Ability to schedule and coordinate meetings, events, and activities.
  • Deliver and pickup packages from various buildings.

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