Paralegal / Legal Assistant


  1. Reviews case materials to become familiar with questions under  consideration;
  2. Searches for and summarizes relevant articles in trade magazines, law reviews, published studies, financial reports, and similar materials for use of attorneys in the preparation of opinions, briefs, and other legal documents;
  3. Prepares digests of selected decisions or opinions which incorporate legal references and analyses of precedents involved in areas of well-defined and settled points of law;
  4. Interviews potential witnesses and prepares summary interview reports for the attorney’s review;
  5. Participates in pre-trial witness conferences, notes possible deficiencies in case materials (e.g., missing documents, conflicting statements) and additional issues or other questionable matters, and requests further investigation by other agency personnel to correct possible deficiencies or personally conducts limited investigations at the pre-trial stage;
  6. Prepares and organizes trial exhibits, as required, such as statistical charts and photographic exhibits;
  7. Verifies citations and legal references on prepared legal documents;
  8. Prepares summaries of testimony and depositions;
  9. Drafts and edits non-legal memoranda, research reports and correspondence relating to cases.

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