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Construction & A/E Contract Specialist

Statement of Work

1.0 Job Description

The Contract Specialist will be engaged in the development, preparation, award, and administration of contracts for a wide variety of construction and architectural-engineering projects and technical services, and for other service and supply contracts. This person will serve as a member of the Procurement Operations Division; Services, Supply & Construction team.

In support of the Division’s acquisition mission goals, the Contract Specialist performs a variety of duties, including the following: formal contract formulation and preparation, negotiation, and administration of architectural-engineering services, construction, maintenance services, other commercial items and services, & utilities. Plans and implements procurement approaches, and coordinates acquisition activities with other offices, including accounting and legal offices, staff of other agencies and contractors. Participates in per-selection and selection committee meetings.

The Contract Specialist prepares solicitations/amendments for construction contracts involving both firm fixed price and cost reimbursement provisions. Uses MATOC, IDIQ, FFPIF, C type, POs, and GPCs for award tools. Solicitations shall incorporate provisions such as cost accounting standards, cost or pricing data, and payment provisions. Analyzes proposals for compliance with scope of work set forth in the solicitation, and conducts cost or price analysis with technical element team members,

In sealed bid procurements, the Contract Specialist ensures that the bid schedule is properly structured; prepares solicitations; determines sources to be solicited; conducts pre-bid conferences; processes protests; determines the responsiveness of bids and determines the responsibility of the low bidder based on analysis of the pre-award survey. In negotiated procurements, plans the procurement action with technical, legal and contract pricing personnel providing guidance in the development of the statement of work, special provisions and the type of contract best suited to the requirement.

The Contract Specialist will use the reports, advice and assistance from the legal office, price/cost analysis and property administrator in making recommendations to the contract officer. May perform simplified acquisition duties.

The Contract Specialist performs post-award functions including the following: monitors contractor performance; negotiates task orders; determines price adjustments; modifies contracts; assures timely receipt of all contractually-required data; and performs contract closeout.

2.0 Required Experience

Minimum five years as contract specialist/Minimum two Years in Construction A&E federal contracting.


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