Contemporary Staffing Incorporated (CSI) can provide high quality professional services to federal, state, and local agencies, as well as organizations in the private sector. CSI management philosophy is reflected in its commitment to participatory management. This “Team Approach” allows each service area within the corporate structure to dedicate itself to the performance of each project.

CSI operates under a flexible organizational structure which consists of a unique blend of multidisciplinary skills and management expertise. The diversity of the team with full time and on-call consultant staff has proven expertise in the full range of information sciences and management services. Their in-depth programmatic knowledge provides the capability for effectively meeting a broad range of client needs.

The CSI corporate organization, using a team approach for our professional staff, is organized into three (3) Service Areas:

  • Information Management Services
  • Technical Support Services
  • Facilities Support Management Services

This integrated corporate management approach provides the multi-disciplinary skills, the requisite functional/programmatic knowledge, and the management structure from which to
quickly address and find solutions for a wide range of complex client problems. This mix of disciplines is further integrated with modern computer, communications, and other technologies to serve our clients.

If you would like further information about Contemporary Staffing Incorporated and our capabilities, we invite you to call us at:  301.292.9614


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