Placement Options

Temporary Employees

Very quickly CSI is able to place a worker in your workplace. Using temporary employees is the fastest method of getting supplemental staff into your business. This choice enables our clients to employ one or more employees of all types for a short duration or longer periods of time. Clients can leave selecting of the candidate to our skilled professionals or can assist in the selection process by reviewing resumes and conducting interviews, we are very flexible with our clients and make the process easy.  When temporary employee’s are used the employees are employed by CSI for the entire duration of the job placement. It is possible to hire one of our temporary employees. Utilizing a temporary employee all the administrative work is managed by CSI such as payroll, benefits, and other human resource matters.


Temporary to Permanent Employees

A temporary to permanent placement allows a client to utilize an employee in say a extended evaluation period of time to make sure that the fit is right for not only the organization but the employee also.    This type of selection allows the our clients the ability to quickly place an employee, examine the employees skills and match to the position with the option to hire on a permanent basis. When temp to perm is utilized the employee starts off as temporary employee and after a predetermined period of time is moved to a permanent employee status with in the organization.

Long Term Contract Employees

Usually selected by the Federal Government, but now more and more private sector companies are moving to this option of long term contract employees. This is very much like a temporary employee but for an extended periof of time. The employee is a employee of CSI who manages payroll, benefits, and all other human resource matters but the employee is on fixed contract for a number of years instead of weeks or months. This option provides the employee with job security, leave, and many times a retirement savings much like a permanent full time employee.

Permanent Employees

At CSI we are also able to assist clients in placing individuals in permanent positions on a fee basis. Our staff is skilled and knowledgeable in the staffing industry and help your organization find the right candidate for your job.  We can do the recruiting and requirements testing for you but the final hiring decisions are left to you. We help ease the permanent placement hiring process for you. We will perform candidate selections by qualifications, interview each candidate all to ensure that the right selection is made to fill the position.

Project Management Employees

This option allows a client to hire a team of employees. Many times clients will utilize this option say for accounting needs, a team normally a leader with a small team of employees are assigned to perform a particular task. Many times this option is very efficient and cost effective for the client. Teams can be as small as two and upwards of 10 or more depending on the type of task required.



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